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What does it cost?

It costs a relatively small amount to get your business advertised on the world wide web. It must be stressed that the following is for guidance only:

  1. Setting up a web-site for a small business with your own distictive domain name costs about £85 for the first year. Most web hosting providers also produce some statistics to tell you how much the site is visited; they will also provide you with a number of flexible email accesses from your pages.

  2. Hosting running costs from then on will be approximately £75 p.a. including VAT.

  3. Design costs are very variable, depending on the time and resources required. However for a simple site of two or three pages they could be as low as £250. Thus to get your own small web-site up and running could cost you as little as £350. It can, of course, be expanded later.

  4. No site is cast in tablets of stone! You may wish to learn how to make modifications to your new site, or simple changes can be made by S.H. Enterprises at a cost depending upon the complexity of the change.

  5. Having a web-site up and running is one thing, but getting it recognised by major search-engines is essential. Again we can advise and handle this for you.

  6. If you use Adobe Contribute to update the web-site after it has been designed and built for you, the cost of this software which runs on your own computer is approximately £120 (including VAT).


This web site has deliberately been made very simple - it consists of only nine pages of information. Have a look at some of the sites in our design portfolio to see what can be achieved: the examples given are widely different.

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