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For those who are new to web-design, it is important to realise that several sorts of graphics can be used to enhance their pages on the world wide web. S.H. Enterprises can incorporate any of the following:


  • Photographs, drawings, etc. can be scanned to make them digital images to use on web pages. If necessary, we would be happy to come and do the photography work for you.

Rose "Schoolgirl"
Clip art - satellite dishes


  • Clip-art (of which there is a great deal available free) can be inserted if appropriate. Alternatively we can produce simple and effective graphics.


  • Digitised images can be taken directly from a digital camera, or images and text can be taken from your own computer.*

Digitised images: a camera memory card


  • With some sites, sound clips may also be used to enhance the experience appropriately. Or maybe short clips of video.

  • 'Javascript' can be used to do clever things including neat tricks like this swap with pictures of the Eden project: just move your mouse pointer over the picture ->

The Eden project

*S.H. Enterprises can also visit you and carry out the necessary photographic work for images required for your web site, followed by the required image processing to prepare them for the web page.


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