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The design you choose for your web site is very much up to you! You are strongly advised to conduct your own search of the www to see what others - especially your competitors - have done. Some web sites are really excellent, others, shall we say, less so.

Be wary of sites which have every imaginable latest bells and whistles: they may require the customer to have a very powerful computer with fast internet access, and additional 'plug-in' software. This can be very irritating to the majority who have fairly standard specification machines. Beware too those sites who have a heavy amount of graphics - they can be painfully slow to load on to the customer's web browser.

It is perfectly possible to make an attractive site with all the features that you need and with plenty of impact.

A good way to start is to look around on the internet to get ideas: then contact us! We can advise you on how you could promote your business using various design layouts.

Once the site has been set up for you, there are ways in which you could update the content yourself with little technical skill required. You could, for instance, change text, images, or tables of information and thus keep them updated.


If you are thinking of having your own web site designed, look at our check list for what the customer needs to do.

An alternative, which may be suitable for small organisations, towns and villages is to use our consultancy service to get started on creating your own web site.


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